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Welcome to the Hive!

This is the place for fitness, nutrition and all things wellness. I cannot wait to share my passion and help you reach your goals in improving on your lifestyle.



My name is Austeja and I am thrilled to offer you YOUR wellness plan! Why BEE Wellness? My name derives from an ancient Lithuanian meaning of Goddess of bees and I have always connected with this symbolism. Plus, a little sting goes a long way. ;)

I am an internationally-certified (ISSA) personal trainer and a nutrition coach. Almost 2 years ago I moved to Geneva from New York with my dog Henry (pictured) and I look forward to bringing some of my fitness experience from the U.S. to Switzerland. Fitness has been a huge part of my life for the past 20+ years and I love sharing this passion of mine with others. A little bit of extra effort makes a big difference and with my help, you will be able to incorporate that into your day-to-day life and finally achieve the results you want.

Flexible and custom plans that I offer will give you a chance to achieve your goals in a way that suits your lifestyle and schedule. Explore the different options available and get ready to BeeWell!


BeeWell offers


Personal Training

Completely customizable

Virtual or in-person (Geneva)

Starting at 50 chf / session

Running at the Beach

Group Classes

Outdoor classes

Up to 10 people

Flexible payment options

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